Thursday, October 20, 2011

Manos Cafe & Deli

Just arrived? Still jet-lagged? Don’t feel like cooking? My guess is you’re after something cheap, quick and tasty to take away. Here are a few suggestions…

Manos will always bring back fond memories, not only for its food but because it is where we had our first meal in Oxford. Fresh off the plane and completely jet lagged we stumbled across Manos in our haze and were very pleasantly surprised. We’d been warned that the food in the UK left a lot to be desired - which we’ve discovered is totally untrue of course, (if you know where to go). So take yourself down to Walton Street in Jericho…..the food at Manos is great!

The food is always fresh, great value and made by Manos himself.

Manos Café & Deli 105 Walton St, Jericho.

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