Monday, October 24, 2011

Oxford Blue

In Oxford, blue comes in only one shade...'Oxford Blue'. This is the very specific blue of Oxford University, whose association with this colour is so strong, that its name is now recognised throughout the world. 

The origins of Oxford Blue date back to the first boat race in 1829 at a time when the Oxford crew was largely dominated by Christ Church students who sported their dark blue college colours during the race. Soon after Oxford took on the dark blue of Christ Church College as its “colour” and has been worn by Oxford sports men and women ever since. 

'Cambridge Blue' is strangely more of a green than blue and was born in a spur-of-the-moment gesture made by a young Cambridge rower. Before the famous Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race in 1863, (the second of it’s kind), one of the Cambridge crew members tied a light blue ribbon to the boats bow, the colour stuck, and has been with the Cambridge Rowing Team ever since.  

Tip for newcomers: Avoid wearing Cambridge Blue to job interviews or Oxford sporting events. The Oxford/ Cambridge rivalry is fierce!

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