Friday, November 25, 2011

Oxford's own MINI Cooper

Did you know that the BMW factory near Cowley, (right here in Oxford) is the only car production plant that makes MINIs worldwide? What a nice 'Oxford' inspired gift a MINI would make. Hands up who wants one for Christmas? 

MiniCooper S 1:24 Scale Full Function Remote Control Car £11.94

Ok, so buying someone a MINI for Christmas is a bit out of the question, but you could always treat them to this fully functioning, remote control 'mini' MINI instead. It's just 24 times smaller than the real thing! I can't promise it will make them want a MINI any less, (in fact it will probably make things worse), but a 'mini' adventure at the Oxford MINI Plant is also sure to thrill.
Tours begin in the showroom and continue through to the production and assembly areas where a team of over 600 robots and 4000 humans work side by side to produce up to 800 cars each day. Tours last for approximately 2.5 hours and cost £15 /adult and £12 /child.

Oxford MINI Plant Tour Oxford, OX4 6NL. 
Getting hold of the booking team can require a little patience, but is well worth the wait.

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