Friday, December 02, 2011

Emma Watson returns to Oxford

If you've been out and about in town lately and seen someone who looked just like Emma Watson, chances are it was probably her. Despite a net worth of nearly £24 million, she is having no trouble blending in with her fellow students and looks very happy to be back in Oxford. 

Emma Watson is currently studying at Oxford University Photo:

Not only were many of the scenes from the Harry Potter films which made her so famous filmed in Oxford, she also attended school here as a child. Although born in Paris, Emma moved to Oxford at the age of 6 and attended Dragon School, which believe it or not, is an actual co-ed boarding/ day school in Oxford - Cool name isn't it? She also spent time at the Headington School before being cast as Hermione at just nine years of age.

Emma recently returned to Oxford to study English at Worcester College, on an exchange year from Brown University in the States. It seems a Hogwarts education just wasn't enough!

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