Sunday, March 11, 2012

Where is Oxford University?

Don't worry, if you have asked this question, you're not alone. Aside form the obvious answer, Oxford University is a collegiate university, so you won’t find it all neatly packed into one campus, 
it is all around you. This can be a little confusing if you are not familiar with the college system, but Oxford University is made up of 38 colleges and 6 permanent, private halls all of which are sprinkled throughout the city centre. 

Each college has its own individual buildings and grounds, faculty and traditions, providing students and academics the benefits of belonging to both a large, internationally renowned institution and a smaller, interdisciplinary, academic college community. 

Many of the colleges are open to visitors throughout the year, but may be closed or have set visiting hours during term time, so it's best to check each college's website before planning your visit. Christ Church, Magdalen, Trinity, Brasenose and New College are all particularly worth exploring if you don’t have time for them all.

Christ Church College, St. Aldates, Oxford.

Some of you may even recognise Christ Church's, Grand Staircase and Dining Hall from the famous Harry Potter movies. 
To follow in Harry's footsteps, click here.

Magdalen College, High St, Oxford. ~ Don't forget that in Oxford, "Magdalen" is pronounced "Maudlin."

Did you know that Magdalen College even has its own deer park on campus?

Lincoln College, Turl St, Oxford.

When visiting Oxford's colleges, be sure to stay off the beautifully manicured grass in the quad-
rangles! As tempting as it may be, it is a privilege reserved solely for the Fellows of the College.

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