Friday, April 27, 2012

The Oxford Morris Men

Have you ever seen such a jolly bunch of men? I didn’t know quite what to think when I first laid eyes on these chaps. Men wouldn’t be caught dead dancing around waving hankies like this where I come from, but hey, maybe they should loosen up a little. There’s nothing wrong with having a dance with your mates, tapping sticks and ringing your bells is there???

Morris dancing is a form of English folk dance which is believed to have descended from pagan spring and summer fertility rituals or “good luck” ceremonies.  Morris dancers have been performing in Oxford since the 15th century and thanks to groups like the Oxford City Morris Men, Morris dancing has lived on in the Cotswold region long after its popularity ceased elsewhere.

You’ll find the Morris Men at pubs in and around Oxford on summer evenings from May to July, at numerous locations at the May Day morning celebrations, at fetes, festivals and other events all year round.

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