Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Let the trashing begin!

If you happen to be hit with a handful of glitter in the cobbled back alleys of Oxford this month, congratulations, you've just been trashed. In Oxford, 'trashing' refers to the tradition of throwing flour, eggs, confetti and other such substances over one's classmates when they finish their final exams. (But don't worry, only those wearing red carnations, need be concerned).

Photos by: (left) Malin Hu, Pembroke College 2010, (right) Becca Hayes.

Sadly, following a spate of complaints from locals (and some extraordinarily rowdy behaviour), the University fun police have issued a new code of conduct reminding students that "a minimum fine of £80 could be incurred if students use water-pistols, or throw anything including champagne, glitter and confetti." Nevertheless, tradition dies hard - so think twice before ducking down the alleyways this month, you're bound to uncover a trashing! 

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