Friday, October 14, 2011

Let's get things started with a bang!

Bonfire night is fast approaching and fireworks are officially on sale as of today! Unlike in many other countries, it is completely legal to buy and light fireworks in the UK provided that you are over 18 and do so on your own property. So whether you fancy some rockets, a ‘Bang in a Box’ or your very own ‘Showstopper’ you can stock up on fireworks at Fantastic Fireworks or a number of other local retailers. (Fire works will be available for sale up until the 10th of November).

Look for fireworks marked with the ‘BS 7114’ or ‘CE ’ (which shows that they meet the British or European safety standards) and be sure to read the Firework Safety Checklist before doing anything!

If you’d prefer to leave it to the pros, you can join in the celebrations at Oxford’s annual Firework Spectacular and Bonfire night held at South Park on the 5th of November. Tickets can be purchased online or at the gate on the night.

Image by Margaret Stranks

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