Monday, December 12, 2011

Locally brewed beer

I realise I've almost come full circle by suggesting another 'Oxford brew' for my 9th 'Oxford' inspired gift idea, but I've just discovered that Oxford is home to three local-ish breweries. The Old Bog Brewery, The Compass Brewery and The Shotover Brewing Company. 

Particularly fitting with my Christmas theme is The Compass Brewery's 'Winter 6 Pack,' which contains two bottles of each of the following beers: Tannenbaum (Christmas beer), Baltic Night Stout and The King's Shipment IPA. However, The Compass Brewery's 'Isis Pale Ale' is about as 'Oxford' as it gets. 

The 'Isis,' (a shortening of it's Latin name Tamesis) is used to refer to the River 'Thames' and is synonymous with university rowing and the annual clash between Oxford and Cambridge.
The Compass Brewery Winter 6 Pack £16.00

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