Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter riding tips

Aside from red noses and frozen fingers another common problem for Oxford cyclists in winter are frozen bike cables. You’ll know if your cables are frozen if you can’t apply your brakes - Not something you want to discover once you have begun riding as I did, so always check your brakes before setting out!  

Frozen brakes are caused by moisture collecting inside the brake cables. The quickest remedy is to give the cables a gentle pull, however this will only offer a short-term solution. To get to the bottom of the problem, you'll need to buy some bike lubricant and wait until the next time your bike is completely dry. Lubricate your brake levers and cable housings making sure you get the oil all the way through the housing. This will act as a barrier for any water that would otherwise find its way inside and freeze the housing.  

For more winter riding tips, check out The Oxford Fresher's Guide to 'Buying a Bicycle'. 
Photo: Drybike brolly holder. 

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