Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cath Kidston Bike Seat Covers

You heard it here first folks. Cath Kidston bike seat covers are coming to a store near you. For those of you that read my post in November entitled 'Rain coat for bicycle seats' it looks as though or friends at Cath Kidston were listening. Due to popular demand, bike seat covers have been added to the collection. Here is a sneak peek of the very first design to hit stores next week.

This 'Be A Good Sport' bike seat cover will be available for purchase both in store and online from the 17th of January, so you can say goodbye to your squishy-just-been-rained-on bicycle seats. Tuck one of these bike seat covers into your bag in case of unexpected showers and stay 
dry in style.

Cath Kidston 'Be A Good Sport' Bike Seat Cover £3.50

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