Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Bicycle Makeover Complete!

I have been in LOVE with Pashley bikes ever since we arrived in the UK but unfortunately, our budget just didn't stretch far enough to buy one and with their collection of classic bikes ranging from £525 - £995, I'm sure I'm not alone. 

Pashley Cycles have been hand building British bicycles in Stratford-Upon-Avon since 1926, and have named their new special edition model the ‘Britannia’ to reflect their pride in British manufacturing. The vintage styled Britannia cycle is based on their popular Pashley Princess and features a hand built frame, traditional wicker basket and comes in a choice of red, white or blue. 

Get the look for less
Those of you who read my post on Cool Bike Accessories may remember me mentioning 
that I was planning to give my Raleigh bicycle a makeover. Johnny was busy studying over the weekend, so I thought I'd give it a go and I couldn't be more thrilled with the results!!! 

Here are the before and after photos: 

BEFORE: Boring old Raleigh Oakland Hybrid. (Image flipped for comparison).

AFTER: What do you think? The whole transformation was SUPER easy and cost less than £15!

Here's how I did it:
1. Start by give your bike a really thorough clean and leave it to dry
2. Next, remove all the stickers using a hairdryer. A little heat makes them really easy to peel off.
3. Remove the wheels and mud guards, or find a handy man who can! (Thanks Johnny). It's not as hard as it sounds, but if you need some help, check out this You Tube clip for instructions.
4. Place your bike upside down on a drop cloth and let the fun begin.
5. Don't forget to paint the mud and chain guard, for a classic 'Pashley' look.

Tip: Hammerite metal paint is fantastic as it only requires one coat and you can even paint straight over rust. The only thing I found a bit tricky is that it is quite thick and sticky. Work quickly and avoid going over any areas you've already painted for a nice smooth finish. Be careful not to over-apply or the paint will sag. If you have the space, use spray paint instead. It's much quicker and will give you a super smooth finish.

What you'll need:
3. 750ml White Spirit - £2.48 
4. A drop cloth
5. Disposable gloves (Pack of 8) - £0.98 

...and if you can stretch the budget, these accessories will really help polish off the look: 
8. Leather-look FWE Trail Saddle - £24.99
9. and this oversized Pashley 8mm Bicycle Bell- £19.95! 

Feeling inspired? I'd love to see YOUR before and after photos. 
Share them with our readers here.

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Biking Needs Solutions said...

Awesome is the best word to describe your project! And the bike itself? Just splendid!

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