Friday, August 10, 2012

Renting in Oxford: Securing a property before you arrive

Unfortunately for most international visitors, securing a property before arriving in Oxford 
is a rather risky business - Twelve months is a long sentence to pay if you've somehow gotten 
it wrong. But if you're up for the challenge and absolutely confident that you've done all your research, it is possible, (but by no means easy) to secure a property before you arrive. 

Things to keep in mind when viewing a property, online or otherwise:
·     You can’t smell a picture and only the best ones will be shown - ask to see more! 
·     Photographs are always taken at the brightest time of day. Natural sunlight is limited at 
      the best of times, so you want to ensure you get as much of it as you can! 
·     Ventilation is also important. Damp, dark bathrooms and living spaces become moldy very 
      quickly. Note: Some properties have bedrooms and/or living areas are below ground level.
·     If it's not possible for you to view the property in person, try to organise for a friend or 
      colleague to attend an inspection on your behalf and ask them to take lots of photos. 

·     Find out as much as you can about the local area – If you haven’t already downloaded 
      The Oxford Fresher's Guide to 'Searching for your new home' now is the time!
·     Remember that the advertisements will always focus on the properties strong points, so be 
      sure to consider what they are not telling you - Is the property behind a night club or train 
      line or in a dodgy part of town? (Google Maps is very useful). 
·     If you plan to rent a ‘furnished’ property, ensure you know exactly what you are getting.  
      Furniture, fixtures and fittings featured in the photographs will not necessarily be there 
      when you arrive. (A full inventory list should be provided by your real estate agent).

Photo: Permit holders only, by Clive Jones

·     Does the property have an allocated parking space? Is it eligible for a permit? 
      Tip: You'll find details on how to obtain a parking permit are included in The Oxford 
      Fresher's guide to 'Buying a Car & Driving in the UK'.
·     and last but not least, if you (or your friend or colleague) notice any faults during the
      inspection, ask if they can be fixed before you move in. Tip: Check the exhaust fan in the 

      It’s important to note that customer service is not one of Britain’s strong suits - equal 
      measures of preparedness, patience and persistence are a must but in this case, 
      will not necessarily guarantee success.

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