Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Inspector Morse

Are you a fan of Inspector Morse? I'm afraid to admit I haven't yet read any of Collin Dexter's famous novels, I'm not sure whether detective novels are really my 'thing', but I figured whilst living in Oxford, there's no better time to find out - Inspector Morse you see is a senior officer with the Thames Valley Police and all the novels and television adaptations are set in Oxford!

Pictured: Sergeant Lewis (left), played by Kevin Whately and the famous Inspector Morse (right), played by John Thaw.

There are a total of 13 novels in the series, but you can also buy the complete Inspector Morse TV adaptation on DVD if you're feeling lazy. The new "Lewis" series in which, Morse's "sidekick," takes the lead is also available on DVD and has proved so popular that it is now into its sixth series. Filming continues in and around Oxford.

Pictured: Inspector Lewis, played by Kevin Whately and Detective Sergeant James Hathaway, played by Laurence Fox.

For those of you yet to arrive in Oxford or still in the planning stages of your move, the Inspector Morse and Lewis DVDs are a fantastic way to get a sneak peek into Oxford and taste of what lies ahead, (aside from the murder and mystery of course!)   

Oxford Pubs frequented by Inspector Morse  
As an inspector well know for his thirst for English real ale, it's no surprise that many of Oxford's pubs featured in the long running TV adaptation. One of Oxford's most enchanting and well-hidden watering holes, the Turf Tavern, features heavily in the series and is well worth a visit - finding it is half the fun! The Randolph Hotel, host to the 'Morse 'bar,' the Bear Inn and The Old Bookbinders Arms in Jericho are also worth a visit.

You'll find this chalk board at the Turf Tavern along with another depicting Inspector Lewis, however you may not pick it at first. Lewis' chalk board reads:" Inspector Lewis is a regular although this looks nothing like him due to our one eyed, left handed signwriter"!

Inspector Morse Walking Tour 
If you'd like to follow in the footsteps of the city’s most celebrated detective and visit the scenes form his best-known cases, you can download a free self-led itinerary here. Alternatively, guided tours depart from the Oxford Information Centre up to 3 times a week. Further details available at the Oxford Information Centre, 15-16 Broad Street, Oxford. 

Die-hard fans be warned - If you're looking for Beaumont or Lonsdale College whilst in Oxford, neither of them exist! In reality Brasenose College was used to represent Lonsdale, while Corpus Christi was used for Beaumont.

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